Thinking about getting a Cool Roof? How about a $500 tax credit? The American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 extended the non-business energy property tax credit through 2013. Energy Star® qualified roofing shingles may get you this credit. Contact your tax adviser for details, and then contact us to discuss the many options we have available for Energy Star® qualified shingles!  Besides being great looking and available in many styles and colors, here are some of the benefits of Energy Star® qualified shingles:

1. Cool roofs may save an average of 7-15%* of total cooling costs.
2. Cool roofs may increase the life of your roof - Energy Star ® qualified roof products maintain a more constant temperature, even during extreme temperatures, reducing thermal shock to your shingles.  This will allow them to function properly over a longer period of time.
3. A reflective can help keep your home cooler during hot times.  This will save your interior cooling system from having to work as hard to cool your home during the hot, sunny months.

*According to the Cool Roof Rating Council



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